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Audi Reveals AI:ME Autonomous Electric Car Concept At CES2020


It’s CES2020 a new decade and yet another new concept car is revealed, this time from Audi. The Audi AI:ME is a fully autonomous electric car for the city. The AI:ME is a product/concept demonstrator the size of a hot hatch. Inside its more lounge experience than driver-focused and like all concept cars it’s packed full of technology, theoretical or otherwise.

The Audi AI:ME even comes with an in-vehicle VR headset that is designed to take away the stress of driving while it drives – autonomously – for you. The AI:ME is designed to showcase future technology, it will be many years before the full-fat version will be made available for sale.

What Audi may well do is introduce various AI:ME technologies in phases. While fully smart-autonomous vehicles are at least a decade away the technology is progressing so fast that it may be standard sooner than you think.

Admittedly the latter was a blanket statement written to fill column spaces, the truth is I haven’t got a clue.

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