Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars The Way of The Future?

Thanks to YouTube channels such as Real Engineering we no longer have to read books to get educated because it’s being done for us. And we learned more about the pros and cons of hydrogen fuel cells than we ever did if we bothered to read about it on Apple’s Newsstand App. Turns out hydrogen as a fuel is expensive to make and is actually more expensive than charging a electric battery-powered electric car.

It also turns out that Hydrogen-powered cars emit nothing more than water. Elon Musk believes hydrogen fuel cells are “incredibly dumb” and refers to them as “fool cells”. However, Japan believes otherwise and the government is intent on making future cars run on hydrogen.

But it’s all about the environment stupid, hydrogen is expensive to make but clean. But it isn’t that straight forward, producing hydrogen is anything but carbon neutral. Indeed current hydrogen production emits much more C02 because it costs more energy to produce.

Although hydrogen is way more efficient than current battery technology the cost to fuel a hydrogen-powered car is often 10 times the cost of recharging a battery-electric car.


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