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This Is Why BMW Is Quite Literally Shit

It was meant to be proper journalism day at DCB HQ, no potentially dangerous slander, no foul language just normal middle of the road, inoffensive middle-class journalism. We’re trying to rehabilitate our tremendously fantastic reputation… AHEM! Everything was going to plan but then this shit happened. Any chance we get to shit on BMW we’ll take it with open arms.

And today, for one day at least, we can say without any bias or prejudice that BMW really is shit. Turns out a BMW owner from the Russian city of Samara, found just how shit a BMW is… literally.

The BMW X6 engine bay suddenly burst into flames, the owner quickly extricated himself and doused the flames with human excrement. A septic tanker just happened to be near by.

The quick-thinking owner flagged the tanker down and doused the shit out of the X6, literally. No one was injured… except BMW’s reliability reputation… again, yet again.

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