Updated Jaguar F Type Looks Like Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

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I ask you can failing Jaguar do anything right? No, they can not. Propped up by a long-gone history the failing British auto brand can not cut it among German rivals. Continually poor build quality, poor reliability. The Ingenium engines have been a total disaster, big, big disaster. What proof of the latter? Jaguar will be using BMW engines in the not too distant future. The Ingenium engines are plagued with engineering design faults, oil pressure problems to mention one such issue.

But here’s the deal, to this day the F Type’s engine is still based on a Ford V8, production will move fully in-house from Bridgend in Wales to Wolverhampton by 2020. So the opening statement is misleading – top quality editorial content from the award-wining Daily Car blog – but hey misleading editorials is the respected way to do journalism these days.

The F Type’s disjointed styling update hides another issue, the entire car is merely Jaguar XK apparel rehashed and re-marketed. Yes, the F Type is based on a platform that dates back to 1996. Even with this aging and unreliable product Jaguar still doffs a cap to the past. Instead of moving forward far too often they look back. Often because they lack funds.

The only good thing about this distasteful F Type update is the V6, it is no longer available. A V6 engine is for shopping trips, a V8 engine is a proper sports car. So yes we will give failing Jaguar one slice of credit. And they also got rid of the manual gearbox, who uses a manual gearbox these days?

The exterior styling updates do not suit the failing Jaguar F Type at all and to top it off they will sell less of these cars in 2019 then they did throughout 2018. The F Type found 4,122 new homes in 2018, our predictions – based on current sales data – estimate the F Type will sell around 3,500 units worldwide for 2019.

The failing Jaguar brand, propped up by far too favorable press coverage, is not moving forward quickly enough. It is an analog brand in a digital automated, AI, algorithm world, to that end, the Jaguar F Type is the worst car of the week.

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