The Most Unreliable Car Brands

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The majority of us have all had that one car that is just so unreliable. If not, then you have probably been privileged enough to go straight into buying a new car or perhaps securing a finance deal. If you have, then you will never have experienced the torment that a car can bring you, and the money that it’s so easy to waste on one. But that is not to say that it isn’t going to happen to you in the future. Whilst your car might be fine and running for you now, that’s not to say that in a years time, you’re not going to fall victim to the troubles a car can bring. Everyday that you’re driving your car, you’re driving it into the ground. All of the components that are making it work perfectly, are wearing down as we speak. There are some car brands that are notorious for wearing down quicker than others.

Some are more expensive to repair when they do, and some just create problem after problem, meaning even if the repair is cheap, it all adds up. So, we’re going to explore which car brands have the worst reputation, which might get you thinking about the car you have, if not then the car you’re going to buy in the future. 

Mercedes & BMW

Mercedes and BMW are more of a top tier car, so we wanted to start with this one first. So many people are now choosing to go for this sort of car due to it being a statement, yet people are failing to realise that a good finance deal isn’t going to give them a perfect car. Eventually, things with the car will begin to go wrong, and what people forget to factor in, is the cost of problems when they do go wrong. One common problem that a lot of Mercedes owners face, is their car not starting.

Burning Mercedes in South Africa, 2018

You might think it’s a problem with all cars at some point, but Mercedes has been notorious for causing problems in this department. It has been found that it’s the crankshaft position sensor that’s the problem here and in the newest models, it might not be an issue at all. But we’re not all lucky enough to get new models, and the cost of this repair can be large, simply because of the manufacturer and the parts that they’re using.

Rubbish BMW, 5 Series on fire in Russia,

With BMW, really common problems, especially during the winter, is coolant leak. It’s a simple problem that can lead into a very big problem. Coolant is essential for a functioning radiator, and the radiator is essential for your engine. So if you fail to realise the coolant leak, before you know it the radiator could pack in to. Regular car servicing will allow you to keep the radiator, and other areas of the car in check, simply by making sure that all of the components are functioning properly and the liquids are topped up. 

Ford & Vauxhall

Now onto the cars with less value, and the ones you’re most likely going to see on the roads more often. People like to go for these cars simply because they are more affordable, and now they’re full of tech, and have great aesthetics. But that doesn’t mean they come without their problems. With Vauxhall, the common issues are actually really simple to solve, they’re just a pain because they’re more likely to keep cropping up, even after a repair. Engine management lights and the airbag lights are likely to come on with this car, leaving owners to go into a panic. When all that is needed is a quick trip to the garage, some wires changing, and the problem will be gone. A really common mistake is for a Vauxhall owner to ignore the EML, thinking it simply needs a wire changing again, only to find out that it was on for a bigger reason, and a bigger repair is needed!


With Ford, a really common problem to have is with the steering joint being out of line. Over time, the wear and tear of driving around every day causes the steering joint to move out of place slightly. That slight movement means that every time you go over a certain speed, a loud humming noise is going to fill your car. The car will still drive, but that doesn’t mean that in the future it won’t break entirely, causing a danger to your life or to others around you. When the steering joint goes, it will literally mean that you can’t steer the car! 

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