Optimus Prime Deluxe Collectable Figure Looks Awesome

All collectors of scale car models must have at least one Transformer in their collection. And while Transformers toys are OK a new generation of movie-accurate Transformer models have become available. These are not toys they are collectible figures with multiple points of articulation that enable your Transformer figure to strike a realistic pose.

If you can call an inanimate object that has no meaningful reality except for fantasists who live breath and sweat collectible figures. These people are known as “loners” and one should avoid them because they can be weird.

Anyway, this particular Optimus Prime collectible figure is made by a Hong Kong based Three A and it’s a highly accurate scale model of Optimus Prime from the recent Bumblebee movie.

It looks awesome and we’ll be buying a few to add to our… collection. If you are interested in buying one then Google it, supply is low and demand is high and we want to be first in line.


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