Can You Slice A Car In Half? MrBeast Attempts To Find Out

Mr YouTuber aka MrBeast asks the age-old question, can you slice a car in half with a thousand-degree sword. After conducting experiments with a 1,000-degree ball, which in YouTube language is simply mucking around, MrBeast attempts the impossible.

To cut a long video short, it turns out you can not cut a car in half with a sword heated to 1,000 degrees C. The sword would need to be heated to at least 1,370 degrees C to have a slim chance.

But at 1,370 degrees C steel begins to melt, so at 1,000 degrees C the sword is not at a high enough temperature to have any a significant impact on slicing through a steel car. Anyway at 1,370 degrees C the sword is literally melting.

So this video was a waste of time, MrBeast wasted your time but with 29 million views MrBeast monetised this video at a profit. We’re in the wrong business.

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