MKBHD Just Placed An Order For The Tesla Cybertruck

We here at DCB HQ have to admit that Tesla Cybertruck is at the top of our really-badly-want-list. We love it because it doesn’t look like a Pickup truck but it is a pickup. And we think it looks great. And we will be placing a pre-order for sure. The design is polarising and that’s exactly why we like it.

It’s also a Tesla pickup truck which means it will have the best electric car powertrain around. The established carmakers entering the pure electric car game to take on Tesla simply do not have the vision.

Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and others are copy, cut paste makers of electric cars and behind Tesla. MKBHD was at the press launch of the Cybertruck and his initial reaction was an “on the fence” reaction.

Then MKBHD decided to pre-order the Tesla Cybertruck, despite not needing one, but, because he wanted one. Our thoughts exactly.

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