Don’t Waste Your Money On The New Land Rover Defender

As part of our drive to become more responsible and highly regard motoring journalists we are featuring yet another Land Rover. For us, Land Rover, in general, is the enemy, a PTSD inducing enemy. But to end wars you have to talk with the enemy, to find common ground. That will never happen so the war continues unabated. That responsible motoring journalist thing isn’t going as intended, is it?

Anyway, Scotty Kilmer dislikes Land Rover probably more than we do and he proposes that you should not buy the new Land Rover Defender. Why? If you want to buy one to make money out of then don’t.

Kilmer slams Land Rover for shoddy build quality and poor reliability, being a former Range Rover Sport owner I can attest to the general shoddiness of the brand.

However, the Land Rover Defender, Land Rover products in general, is similar to a Venus Fly Trap. Once they get hold of you they pull you in and never let go, and strip your bank balance bare. 

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