CIA Plot To Remove Bolivian President Evo Morales Just Made Electric Cars Dirty

Evo Morales

The CIA fostered plot to remove Bolivian President Evo Morales by means of an orchestrated Washington DC backed military coup will have an impact on the future of electric cars. Why? The United States of America has been waging military coups in Latin America for decades. It’s partly due to imperialism and the Industrial military complex. In doing so the USA is guaranteed to control Latin American economies and “acquiring” unfettered access to resources by ensuring favorable leaders are installed who are corrupt enough to do America’s bidding. This allows the USA to have unhinged access to oil and gas reserves at the lowest possible value. Bolivia is rich with natural gas and crucially Lithium ore resources. Indeed Bolivia has the biggest untapped deposits of lithium ore anywhere in the world.

Evo Morales was President of Bolivia for the last 14 years, the first indigenous leader of a modern Latin American country. During his leadership, his progressive policies doubled the minimum wage, boosted social spending, built more schools and hospitals and improved the country’s infrastructure. As a result poverty declined by 59 percent.

However, the Bolivian Presidency is limited to three terms. Morales convinced the Bolivian high courts that the current Presidential term limit was illegal. Morales was able to run again and he was elected for a fourth term. The Washington DC backed and funded OAS (Organisation of American States) declared the result as void due to voter irregularities without ever presenting any evidence.

It seemed as though the United States had had enough of a developing democracy and decided to enact a military-coup-power -grab no doubt engineered by the CIA. Morales was forced to flee Bolivia, accepting asylum from Mexico. No evidence of voter fraud has ever been uncovered and Morales has never been mired in personal corruption.

If Morales made one mistake it was to increase Presidential term limits because a future demagogue can now run riot over the Bolivian constitution. The other mistake Morales made was to nationalise the country’s oil and gas industries and parts of the mining industry. But he was correct to do so.

This set Morales up for a clash with the Billionaire mining class not in Bolivia but in the United States. Billionaires effectively run the United States economy and have basically bought out the current American political class through campaign donations and financial backing.

Morales was planning to develop Bolivia’s Lithium mining industry before he was forced into exile. The CIA backed coup of Bolivia isn’t purely about Lithium mining rights. It’s about suppressing democracy, rolling back social reforms and returning poverty to levels seen before the time of the Morales Presidency.

The CIA back coup in Bolivia is about retaining the supremacy of the USA within Latin America for the sole purposes of extracting natural resources. And in the future, we in the West will be driving around in electric cars powered by Lithium-Ion batteries mined in Bolivia.

We here in the West want to stop global warming but who will save Bolivia from American profiteering and imperialism?

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