Deputy Dumb Sheriff Fired As He Yankee Doodle Crashes Into Car Lot

Caldwell County, Νorth Carolina USA, it was just another armed robbery, just another gun-related crime occurring in realtime in the Dis-United States of Merica. That’s the justification Caldwell County Police used to explain why their Deputy Dumb Sheriff crashed into a used car lot. We don’t know what happened to the armed robbery in progress but we do know Deputy Dumb got fired from his Highway Patrol job.

Deputy Dumb Sheriff was rounding a corner at speed when he lost control of his Police Patrol SUV. He lost control for reasons not known but it was estimated he was traveling at 80mph in a 45mph zone. Those speed limits are there for a reason and now we can see why.

The SUV slithered sideways at speed and crashed into a bunch of parked SUVS causing extensive damage. No one was injured except Deputy Dumb’s ego.


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