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6 Tactics to Improve Your Taxi Business (and Attract New Customers)

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Hiring taxis has become a regular part of everyone’s life. To the extent that people are preferring taxis over their private vehicles. From the daily commute to work to occasional airport transfers, taxis are readily available at a moment’s notice.  It’s no secret how brutally competitive the taxi industry is. With major corporations entering the market, it’s challenging for a business to attract and retain customers. So how do you keep your taxi service relevant in this highly competitive market?

Like most other industries, the taxi industry is constantly changing. Let’s take a look at some effective tactics that can improve your taxi business.

1.           Automation is the future

It’s not the 20th century, no one hails a cab by shouting dramatically at the top of their lungs! If you want your taxi service to remain relevant, then it’s time to get with the times.

In terms of technology, there is a wide range of cost-effective tools available. With nearly every person owning a smartphone with internet access, your taxi service should be compatible with this platform. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your fleet is, you can significantly enhance your efficiency with the help of technology.

To start with, invest in a reliable cloud-based taxi dispatch software. This will assist you with everything from immediate delivery to end-users to automated reservation history.

Nowadays people prefer booking services through an app instead of making a phone call. The subsequent step would be to set up an app that’s easy to use.

2.           Focus on customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate factor that determines the success of your taxi service. You can implement the best strategies and invest in top-notch technologies, but nothing would work if your customers aren’t happy.

All your customers expect is a comfortable and convenient riding experience. Hence, you have to ensure they receive that. Your fleet itself should be in excellent condition. It’s essential to get it professionally washed and cleaned on a regular basis. Vardens Contracts Limited offers fleet washing services to enhance your image in the marketplace. You can also equip your vehicles with mints and water bottles. These small things make a big impact.

To add to customers’ convenience, design a user-friendly app. Features such as trip tracking and multiple payment methods are appreciated by users.

3.           Hire the right drivers

The drivers are one of the most crucial pillars your business relies on. They are literally the face of your business and the point of contact with the customers. Every driver you hire should go through a rigorous selection process and thorough background check.

No one likes to be part of impolite interactions. Apart from being safe and responsible drivers, they should be highly professional and trained in customer etiquette.

4.           Build an online presence

Does your business really exist, if it doesn’t have an online presence? Since the entire world is engulfed by digitalisation, it’s an essential element for the survival of your business.  Set up your social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Through these platforms, you can connect with customers and attract new ones.

5.           Offer additional perks

Every single person loves discounts and freebies. Introduce promotional discount codes, free rides and cheap ride packages to loyal customers. This will help retain your existing customers and pull in new users.

6.           Ask for feedback (and rectify)

Your services don’t end when the trip ends. Always ask for customers’ feedback and constantly use it to improve your services. Customers are likely to continue using your services if their feedback is valued.

In conclusion, to keep your taxi business afloat it’s imperative to change with the changing times. We hope these tactics were helpful!


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