This Samsung Mobile Phone Could Pave The Way For Ultrafast Charging Cars

Samsung super battery

Not this specific Samsung mobile phone but possibly the next Galaxy or Note smartphone product launch. You see Samsung is rumored to be developing a “super battery”, one that relies on lithium-ion and graphene. Graphene is seen as a do-everything super material. Graphene’s molecular structure can be made to be 100 times stronger than steel and even stronger than diamond. On the other end of the spectrum, graphene can also be used to make faster and more efficient electronics, flexible display technologies, it has anti-corrosive properties indeed the list is endless.

But here’s the deal. Graphene is very difficult to manufacture even in small quantities. For the last decade researchers and investors have been trying to find a breakthrough production process to fully commercialize graphene on a mass scale. But it has yet to come to fruition. However, Samsung may well be introducing a graphene battery for a flagship smartphone launch in 2020 or 2021.

Graphene is known to offer superior thermal and conductivity properties. But Samsung’s battery will not be a full-on graphene battery, it’s more akin to a hybrid battery predominantly using lithium-ion and graphene balls. This structure will not only extend battery life but it will also allow for ultra-fast charging.

Rumors have it that the Samsung lithium-graphene battery will fully charge a mobile phone in under 30 minutes. If Samsung manages to pull this off then the applications for such technologies will be wide-ranging, not least for the electric car industry.

In theory, with technical advancements, it will be possible to fully charge an electric car from 0-100 percent in less than 15 minutes. We say, bring on the future.


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