Dr. John Goodenough On The Future of Battery Storage And Electric Cars

Widely dubbed as the inventor of the Lithium-ion battery, Dr. John Goodenough talks about the future of battery technology. Even though he invented a battery that is powering modern-day electric cars, Dr. John Goodenough still believes lithium-ion batteries have too many disadvantages.

Goodenough points out that Tesla has over 7,000 batterie cells. However, he also says that managing each cell requires a complex management system that equals if not is more expensive than the batteries themselves.

Dr. Goodenough, at 97 years of age, recently shared the Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions in the field of battery technology research and development. And he isn’t finished yet.

His mind is still as active as ever, today he is leading the way in the development of solid-state batteries. Solid-state batteries are seen as the holy trinity of long-lasting, rechargeable and safe batteries.

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