The Buying Guide: Which Luxury Car Is Right for You?

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What is the best luxury car at the moment? Have you given up on owning the luxury car of your dreams? You don’t have to wait forever if you look for a luxury car buyer to purchase your current vehicle. You may have a luxury car to trade in for something else. A buyer that specializes in luxury cars will be there when you select the right car.

Porsche owner tips

Are you thinking about selling a Porsche to buy a newer model? Consider Porsche’s Taycan Turbo, which starts at $150,000. By comparison, the Turbo S starts at $180,000. It’s an electric car but the engineers found a way to make it drive and feel like a Porsche. Experts say the Taycan was designed to compete with Tesla but it’s better. The Turbo S travels up to 280 miles on one charge. The Taycan 4S debuted this year with an asking price of $103,000. It’s less powerful than the Turbo but is still a great car.


BMW 7 Series, brutiful facelift,

A BMW is on most people’s list of favorite luxury cars. The 2019 BMW 7 series has all the bells and whistles. The interior is spacious and made from the finest materials. The base 740i sedan has a six-cylinder engine that makes 330 pound-feet of torque. Standard equipment includes four-zone climate control, adaptive air suspension, power-folding mirrors, and so much more. Car lovers will really like the collision detection system with a pedestrian warning. The 7 series starts at $85,000.



The Maserati GT convertible is the car dreams are made of. The Italian luxury carmaker has used the same GT design for many years. They don’t believe in tampering with perfection. The Maserati name and style just stops traffic. People sit up and pay attention to the way Maserati rolls off the tongue.

Mercedez Benz


A Mercedez is not as sporty as a Maserati. However, the name is synonymous with luxury and class. The SL Class is a beautiful vehicle. The SL Grand Edition stands alone with a unique graphite gray paint and staggered AMG wheels. Some versions of the Grand Edition have Tundra Brown Pearl leather upholstery with Golden Olive Pearl trim. Special features include driver-drowsiness monitoring. Why wouldn’t the Grand Edition be on the list of favorite luxury cars? The SL class starts at $95,000.



Bentley automobiles have a legacy of luxury. The Mulsanne is the flagship sedan and was designed to compete with Rolls Royce’s Phantom. The starting price is $300,000. One industry insider said “Mulsanne’s level of opulence borders on the obscene.” The engine is powerful, traveling to 60 in 4.8 seconds. There’s one major reason to own a Bentley: the cars are handmade, which is very rare.



Cadillac has to go on the list because it’s American royalty. Although it’s cheaper and smaller, Cadillac’s CT6 gives European rivals a run for the money. The CT6 has several attractive driver-assistance features. These include automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and night vision. The CT6 starts at $50,000.



This Italian car has been featured on thousands of posters. It’s a dream car for many young men. The Urus SUV is getting lots of attention this year. The Urus starts at $200,000 and is the most affordable car in the line. The interior is typical Lamborghini, which means it’s like the inside of a jet. For instance, the gear shifter looks just like a jet’s throttle. The Urus goes from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds.

There are plenty of luxury cars out there. These are some of the best. In fact, car lovers can have as much luxury as their bank accounts can handle. One can always consider buying a used version to keep costs down.

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