Panic Attacks Since Your Teen Has Kaken Control Behind The Wheels? Tips To Tame Your Racing Heartbeat!

Panic Attack Teen

What is more nerve-wracking than being a teen? Parenting a teen! Teenage is a time when you want your ward to fly, yet you are scared about your safety at all times. Teenage is the most clumsy and creative age! Clumsy because you get attracted to adventures and risks more and more; and creative because you learn and invent the maximum during this phase of your life. You may have noticed both the factors largely in your teens.

Teens have always wanted to rein their own world – and knowing to drive adds largely to them being independent. So, if you don’t want to clip their wings, rather aid in their flight, enroll them for the driving lessons in Redditch from Just Pass Driving School under the guidance of expert and reliable teachers they take pride in.

Some advice for parents of teen drivers!

As your teen is now new to driving, it’s really important to keep track of their actions while they are driving. You just can’t leave them on their own on the road when they are still freshers in the field. This can be dangerous for them and for others as well. So, after your daughter or son passes that driving test and is ready to conquer the world, make sure you are following these guidelines to help them evolve as good drivers of the future!

o   Have a one to one talk —Before they are all ready to start taking their car outside and drive away, make sure you talk to them personally about it. Let them know driving is serious and over speeding can kill! Impart them some of your knowledge that you gained through experience and let them know how much they mean to you. Be sure not to lecture them much in a very strict tone — because it may trigger them to rebel and then they may do the exact opposite of what you ask them to do!

o   Go for a drive with them— Before letting them be on their own, it’s your duty as a parent to accompany them in one or two drives to judge how they drive! Even though they may have taken their lessons from an excellent source or passed their test with flying colours, this step should be taken by every parent. Unless and until you aren’t confident about your child’s driving skills, never let them drive on their own. You can also drop a tip or two when you are accompanying them, but never nudge too much to make them irritated. Also, if the teen is nervous about driving, you can build their confidence by accompanying in the journey.

o   Set some rules to follow — Though there are loads of government rules to follow when you are driving, teen drivers need an extra dose of safety tips to make them drive under control. Be very strict in keeping drinking and driving absolutely at bay, instruct them strictly not to run over any animal, how important following the traffic lights are and how deadly texting or talking while driving can be. Let them know you aren’t going to encourage any kind of illegal driving issues. Also, ask them to never succumb to any kind of peer pressure to speeding or break the driving rules. This will regulate their mischievous activities even when they are driving, and give them a clear message that anything wrong during driving won’t be taken kindly or lightly at all.

o   Tracking apps —Though it may sound a bit nosey, but this is really important for your child’s safety as their still new drivers. You can have them install tracking apps on their smartphones. These apps will allow you to track their location through GPS and also some apps would warn you when the car is over speeding too. These apps will let them know that you know about all their activities; and thus, they’ll avoid going against the safe driving norms.

o   Never encourage wrong driving— It’s natural to feel proud of your child when they have started driving in their teens. You may be immensely happy of their milestone getting crossed so easily and at such a tender age, but this doesn’t mean you should be ignoring their dangerous actions during driving. Some teens go for a driving race with their friends, while others deliberately give the car a 360-degree turn. Encouraging the same isn’t wise at any cost. Though you’ll be proud that your son got the first position in this race, it may also lead to a major accident of your child. This encouragement can later turn into severe regret in such case.

These are some of the ways through which you can ensure your child turn out a safe and sound driver of tomorrow! Just by these simple steps you would evolve her/him to be a confident driver as an adult too, with a level head, someone who shall never give in to road rage. 

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