Tech Nerd MKBHD Reckons The Porsche Taycan Isn’t The Gold Standard of Electric Cars

No he didn’t, Tech Nerd MKBHD did not say the Porsche Taycan is not the “gold standard” when it comes to offering the best electric car. He did say that the Tesla Model S is the “gold standard” and the Taycan is the first electric vehicle to make Tesla sit up and take note. That is to say, the Taycan is the second-best electric car on the market.

We agree with Tech Nerd MKBHD that Tesla offers the best electric cars on the market. Yes, we have said the opposite in the past, but we have now changed our tune and no we are not being glad-handed by Tesla.

But if I had the money to buy a car, any car, I would go for the Tesla Model S. But if I had a sudden change of mind I would go for the Model X. Ok I would go for the Mercedes GLE. But Tesla is leading the way in the EV market.

Tesla offers better range, better technology and crucially they have a charging network that is streets ahead of the competition. And these days charging an electric car is comparatively quick.

However, we’d like to see a new generation of battery technology. But overall Tech Nerd MKBHD gives the Porsche Taycan a thumbs up. 

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