The Mercedes EQC Is “Really Good Shit Man” According To Bjorn Nyland

Is Bjorn Nyland a bona fide Journalist? Well, we think he is doing a better job than professional hacks. You know the use of profanity in banner headlines is frowned upon in the upper echelons of whatever journalism is or used to be. Such use of profane language is regarded as being disrespectful to what is considered to be a respectable profession. But journalism is anything but respectful. It is a divisive, often selfish, hypocritical profession and lacking all if any critical analysis. To that end why should we as a blog adhere to any standards of journalism at all. We’re not looking for awards, and we certainly do not want to become part of a peer group of fellow journalists.

And that brings us to Bjorn Nyland, Youtuber, born in Thailand, moved to Norway age 4. Bjorn is a YouTuber, from what we know he tests nothing but electric cars. And we like the way how he reassuringly says “yes” at the end of every sentence.

Bjorn is out to test the all-electric Mercedes ECQ, to see if the range matches the manufactures stated range. It does. And to Bjorn Nyland, the Mercedes ECQ is really good shit and that’s why you should buy one if you are looking for a new EV.

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