Shmee150 Given Exclusive Preview of The Audi RS7

He’s back, he’s never been away, he’s Shmee150 and this time it’s the Audi RS7 up for review. Being a popular YouTuber Shmee150 literally gets handed candy too him by auto manufacturers. It’s known as the sweet, sweet taste of success. Being a down-trodden car blog we here at DCB are at the mercy of time passing us by.

Nevertheless, the Audi RS7 is a 600hp/800Nm 4.0-litre Biturbo V8 goliath. Naturally high-end Audi RS performance cars have high-end price tags to match the shouting and screaming that is the RS7.

But we can’t help feel that cars such as the 2019 RS7 marks the beginning of the end. The end of an era not only of petrol/turbo cars but of V-powered cars. Yes, the RS7 has mild-hybrid technology.

But in the end, when the time comes one day the internal combustion engine will be no more. So lap it up and enjoy it while you can folks, range anxiety will replace the screaming and shouting.


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