The Tesla Conspiracy Theory Explained, Discussed And Dissected

The Tesla conspiracy theory is just that… a theory. However, there are individuals who have formed an opinion there is a conspiracy against Tesla. The conspiracy stems from conventional automotive corporations and oil giants who want to slow down the rise of the electric vehicle. Why do such car manufacturers and oil companies want to do this? It’s about the money, it’s always about the money.

Car manufacturers want to continue selling piston-powered cars (ICE) because a lot of money has been invested in R&D, design, production, marketing. Essentially they want to recoup the money invested and continue to do so for as long as possible.

The oil giants, BP, Exxon Mobile etc have a vested interest in the continuation of piston-powered cars. From selling fuel to lubrication products oil companies make a lot of money from black gold, conspiracy theorists believe the two industries are working together. But why?

Oil companies want to sell more oil for as long as possible, electric cars do not use oil, therefore the electric car is a threat. And Tesla makes the best electric car and is the industry leader for sure easily far ahead of Mercedes, BMW.

So is there evidence of a Tesla conspiracy theory? It may well be so, American corporations and making money has and always will be a recipe for corruption. Both on a corporate and federal level. All-in-all it sounds crazy-ass but such a theory shouldn’t be ruled out.

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