Exclusive: Carwow’s Mat Watson Is Now A Downtrodden Hobo Living Out The Back of His Audi RS4

After discovering his popularity within the motoring journalist community was as real a flying pig, Mat Watson decided to leave it all behind and mysteriously disappeared. He was later found living out of the back of his Audi RS4, in the Surrey slums of Virginia Water doing his best Florence Thompson impression. The now jobless and penniless former Carwow presenter has never been happier. Watson is free from the fake media madding crowd, personalities and PR people with their fake smiles and faux enthusiasm.

Well, actually Matt Watson isn’t living an ecological and sustainable life in the back of his Audi RS4. This particular video was uploaded to the YouTube on Halloween day, 2018. You see how easy it is to manipulate images and words? Eh? The Daily Mail refers to this media manipulation as “journalism”.

We refer to media manipulation as “slow news day” “desperate” “clickbait”. Anyway, Carwow and Matt Waston won’t be living the hobo life anytime soon. They’ll be living the high life after securing £25m worth of funding, one of their investors is Mercedes Benz.

The likelihood of Daily Car Blog receiving any investment is as probable as Daily Car Blog building a space ship and landing on the surface of Mars. Top-quality car blog.

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