7 Car Upgrades, Awesome Ideas You Will Not Regret

7 Car Upgrades

These 7 car upgrades will get excited because it’s time to upgrade your car. Your car isn’t only your mode of transportation. Your car is like a member of the family. As you’re upgrading your car, you might be keeping the costs in mind but you also need to think about how it’s going to make your life better. Maybe you’ll enjoy driving your car more of you’ll be able to get from point A to point B without stress because you’ve got new technology on board.

Whatever the case is, continue reading this article to ideas and inspirations for upgrading your car.

Must-Haves When You Upgrade Your Car

We’ve picked some of our favorite upgrades and we hope they inspire you to get what you want for your vehicle.

1. Tires

Tires are tires, right?


Tires affect your car’s performance and often go unnoticed. Many people focus on upgrading their engine to get better performance out of their vehicle but overlooking the tires would be a mistake.

When you choose tires, you might ask “which is best?” or “which tire gives me the best value?” but most people don’t think about the diameter of the tire when they’re making a purchase.

The diameter of the tire changes the way the car handles as well as the stability the car has when you’re driving it.

Be careful when you change the diameter of the tires you use because where you might experience benefits in one area, you might lose them in another. See which benefits you need for the type of driving you’re doing and make the decision on the car tires after you’ve compared the benefits.

You should also consider the tire’s tread depth, rigidity and width, and pressure when you’re trying to get the best performance.

2. Spark Plugs

Swapping out your spark plugs is easy and affordable and has many benefits.

When you swap out your spark plugs for spark plugs that offer longer life, you decrease the amount of downtime for your vehicle. You’ll also experience better performance like lower emissions and more horsepower due to more coil dwell time

3. ECU (Engine Control Unit)

Your vehicle’s ECU is programmed from the factory and often isn’t operating to its full potential. The ECU controls the air-fuel mixture and if you are able to preprogram it, you may be able to up your engine’s performance.

4. Grilles

If you have a truck like a Toyota Tacoma, you can get a Toyota Tacoma grille to make the truck look even more awesome. You can do the same if you have a Ford, Dodge or other truck and it makes them look great.

Besides making the truck look great, you can also add extra lights to the grille which adds functionality.

5. Cold-Air Intake

Your engine needs to breathe and when you put a cold-air intake on it, you’re giving it the kind of air it loves — the cold, dense kind.

Before you buy a cold-air intake, you need to make sure it is going to work for your vehicle. Getting a cold-air intake that suits your vehicle will ensure you get the best performance and power from your vehicle.

Adding a cold-air intake is one of the most popular upgrades for sports car lovers.

This upgrade is pretty budget-friendly and is meant to mimic some of the benefits of nitrous oxide but without the chemical addition. 

When you’re choosing your cold-air intake, make sure the intake you choose has plenty of water protection. If there isn’t enough water protection with your cold-air intake, it might suck water into the engine — which we know is not good!

6. Body Kits

If you’re ready for a major cosmetic upgrade then a body kit is where it’s at. You’re ready to get Fast and Furious and you’ve got to have the look to go with the speed.

You should know that body kits aren’t just for looks. Body kits also allow your vehicle to zoom through the air faster than the stock look of your vehicle.

Most body kits are designed to create more downward force and to decrease the air pressure beneath the vehicle. This has helped with rollovers and keeps cars firmly planted on the ground.

Even if you don’t understand why body kits work, you’ll be able to enjoy their benefits and you’ll be driving in style. Body kits can be the extra edge you need to win the race but make sure you get one that is built for function and not just for looks.

7. Smart Rearview Mirror

Distracted driving causes many accidents each year and one of the ways you can make your life easier and decrease your opportunity to have a wreck is a smart rearview mirror.

A smart rearview mirror allows you to see your navigation in the rearview mirror as well as adjusting the mirror according to the time of day it is. If you are tired of not being able to see in your mirror because the sun is too bright or it’s night now — this is the easiest fix.

You’ll also be able to find smart rearview mirrors that will allow you to see your backup camera in the mirror which makes for easy exits.

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