The Moment What Car? Presenter Swallowed Errant Fly During Overrated iPace vs Model 3 Test

The overrated iPace has less luggage capacity, is less practical as a result and has slightly better build quality than the Model 3. Jaguar interior build quality isn’t great, it never has been. The fact that Tesla is improving its build quality and Jaguar remains indifferent is a sign that the iPace is overrated.

The Model 3’s infotainment system better. The driverless tech is better, it is the next universe better than that of the iPace. The Model 3’s ride is better, charging network is better indeed it’s better than infinity x E=MC2. That’s not our untrustworthy opinion, it is that of the venerated What Car?

Tesla’s thinking is way more advanced than any other EV manufacturer. Don’t buy iPace, buy the Model 3. that’s our top quality (untrustworthy) opinion.

Update: the presenter did not swallow an errant fly.

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