Mr JWW Takes A Tour of The New 1,000bhp Lotus Evija Electric Hypercar

The new Lotus Evija electric hypercar is a collaboration between Lotus Cars (obviously) and Williams Advanced Engineering (of Formula One fame). This is not only a high tech look into the future of high-performance cars but it also happens to be one expensive and good looking hypercar. But will it have the lightweight Lotus philosophy?

Yes and no. The Lotus Evija electric hypercar is just that. An electric car. To that end it requires batteries. Current electric car battery technology is pretty much not as advanced as the thinking and purpose behind the shift to electric cars in general.

As such the batteries in the Evija contribute to a car that tips the scales at around 1,600kg. That’s heavy for a stripped out hypercar. Nevertheless, a 1,000bhp electric hypercar with no moving parts should be much, much quicker than a piston-powered hypercar.

Think about it, no mechanical running gear or powertrain, just batteries and four electric motors mounted on the front and rear axle. Instant power, instant torque.

One of the interesting features of the Evija is how the body has been sculpted to move airflow in and around the body. Doing so creates in-body downforce without the need for an extravagant massive rear wing.

Mr JWW YouTube man takes a look around the Lotus Evija at an exclusive customer launch. The Evija is limited to just 130 examples and will cost £1.7m GBP.

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