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Auto Battery Tips | Buying Interstate Car Battery from Costco

Man changing Costco car Battery

When you are purchasing a new battery for your car, it is important that you purchase one of good quality. The better the quality you get, the better it will serve you. Here’s a news flash though, regardless of the quality of the car battery you purchase, there will come a time when it will cease to function the way it did when you just bought it. It’s just the way it is. When this time comes, you will need to hit the stores again for a new purchase.

According to this article here by AAA, the time to get a new one will come after between three and five years of using the last one. Exactly how long each one will last will depend on some factors including type, use and the climate of your location.

If you are too upset to go get a new one, then you will be in for some inconvenience as your car will begin to refuse to start at the most annoying times. You will suddenly find yourself needing the services of your jumper cables and friendly road user more than ever before.

To help you understand why this happens, let us examine how batteries work.

Understanding How Car Batteries Work

Car batteries are crucial contributors to the smooth running of any car. It is true that most car batteries are for what is called SLI which stands for Starting, Lighting and Ignition which means they deliver enough burst of charge to start the car in a cold crank and also provide power for the car lights, stereo and other functions that are electricity dependent when the engine is not on. Once the engine has started, the car’s alternator takes over the function of providing the required electric current.

This means that they are not designed to discharge fully. Once they performed that initial cold crank, the alternator provides some charge to it to top up any previously discharged energy. The battery however still does some work while the engine is running. It helps stabilize the voltage supplied to the car to avoid spikes while also providing any additional electrical needs the car may have beyond what the alternator can supply at any time.

Naturally, the constant charging and discharging of a battery will gradually reduce how much charge it can hold, thereby reducing how long it can last. On top of this, when it is exposed to extreme heat, it also reduces its life. They tend to last longer in colder weather.

One thing many car owners do not know is that how they use their cars affect how long their car batteries will last. When you drive your car for only short distances, you do not allow the battery to get fully charged. If this happens regularly, what is referred to as acid stratification will occur and your car battery will basically have begun its gradual journey to the recycle bin.

This information should give you an idea of the possible reasons why your car battery has not lasted as long as you thought it would. You can learn more here:

Battery Buying Guide

So you know it’s time to make a new purchase, how do you make your choice and what do you look out for? Thankfully, we have helped narrow the choice down to Interstate batteries which is a great brand that you can depend on. Despite this, there are still other factors to be considered.


There are two types of batteries to consider these are FLA (Flooded lead acid) and AGM (Absorbent glass mat). These two will perform the same basic tasks but they don’t cost the same. The AGM type will cost way more than the FLA type. This is because the former will hold a charge for longer and also tolerate deep discharges better.

If you own a car that you drive for short periods or leave parked for a long time, you will be better served getting an AGM battery. If however you use your car regularly and for long distances, then you can go for an FLA battery.

You should consult your car user manual to be find out what kind of battery is recommended.


You should check the car’s battery compartment to be sure of the size that will fit in. It will most certainly be a waste if you were to get one that turns out to be bigger or smaller that the slot in your car.

Position of Terminals

The terminals of the battery you choose must align with the positioning of the cables in your car. It should be positioned in such a way that attaching the cables correctly to the terminals will be easy. The positive terminals should also not in any way be close to a metal part of the car’s chassis.

Date of Manufacture

You are advised not to purchase any battery that has stayed in storage or on the shelf for more than 6 months. Though it’s never been used, the simple fact that it has stayed unused for that long will affect its life. Look for a manufacturer’s date stamp. It will usually be two characters, a letter and a number. Usually the letter will indicate the month while the number will indicate the year.

For example, A-8 will mean January 2018 where A stands for January and 8 stands for 2018.  B will stand for February and 9 will stand for 2019.


Warranties are important just in case you purchase a battery with a factory issue. With a good warranty, you should be able to have it replaced.

Other things to consider include the battery’s reserve power, CCA (cold cranking Amps), and ampere hour.

Why Buy from Costco

Do you want to get batteries you can be sure of? Costco is your best choice and you can see why here: Aside from the fact that Costco is an international brand, with a reputation to protect, it carries just one brand of car batteries – yes you guessed right – Interstate. This is mainly to ensure it can vouch for the quality it sells to its customers.

When you buy your car battery from Costco, you’re not just buying quality, but you will also enjoy best prices and full warranties. This is the best way of ensuring you get the best deal on original Interstate batteries.

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