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12 Things You Need To Know About The Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe E-lectric Car

Now we’re not advocating for anyone one to buy the Renault Zoe, personally speaking, I would not buy a Renault Zoe. However, there is one born every day, a sucker, a “pity the fool” who buys into the whole E-lectric car idealism. We ask where are the batteries for the Renault Zoe being sourced from? Is the Zoe any less polluting to produce than an ICE car? Is the Zoe an ethically produced vehicle? Who actually buys a Renault Zoe?

All these questions pale into insignificance when we, a fair (AHEM!) and responsible automotive blog (AHEM!) have to deliver informative news. because that is our mandate.

Renault Zoe E-lectric Car interior

We don’t have an editorial mandate, we just exist in a quantum, parallel, space within a space. But this is for that one Renault Zoe owner in the UK.

Here are 12 quick facts you need or perhaps need not know about the 2019 Zoe.

01. Increased power and range from new 52 kWh battery

02. Powerful 100kW R135 electric motor delivers even stronger acceleration

03. Range of 242 miles under WLTP conditions*

04. Restyled exterior with more dynamic look and new colours

05. Redesigned interior with premium materials and 10-inch TFT instrument cluster

06. 100 percent recycled seat trim on Iconic model

07. Faster charging with option of 50kW DC capability

08. LED headlamps standard across the range

09. Wireless smartphone charging option

10. Real time charging information using EASY CONNECT app

11. New regenerative braking B Mode that allows single pedal driving

12. Choice of 100kW and 80kW motor options

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