The MG ZS EV, Yes It’s An All-Electric MG… The Times Are A-Changing


They may have a limited range of models for a modern day automotive manufacture but even MG Motor UK (formerly known as MG) is offering a Hybrid and EV model. The MG ZS EV will go on sale in September. We’re not too sure when the Hybrid is going to be launched but we reckon the MG ZS EV will be one of the cheapest pure electric vehicles on the market.

The MG ZS EV is based on the MG ZS SUV. The ZS EV will be powered by a 44.5kWh water-cooled battery with rapid-charging capability. So expect a recharge rate from 0-80% in 43 minutes. You will require a special supercharger to get the rapid recharge. However, if you plug into a standard wall socket it will take six-and-a-half hours from 0-100%.

The MG ZS EV will carry over much of the tech and driver assist systems found in the gas-powered version. But an MG electric car? Didn’t see that one coming. Or did we? Since 2009, MG has been owned by SAIC Motor a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturer.

SAIC has a joint venture with Volkswagen and manufactures cars for the Volkswagen and Skoda brands in China. SAIC manufactures just over 4 million vehicles per year and is the largest in China. The company also has a 40 percent shareholding in General Motors.

In other words, SIAC has access to electric powertrains making MG Motor both a recipient and beneficiary as the shift away from gas-powered cars gathers full-steam. MG no longer manufactures cars in the UK, that era ended in 2006 following the collapse of MG Rover, as it was known.

Today MG’s former manufacturing site in Longbridge, Birmingham is used as a research and development facility employing around 500 people. A London design office was also established to ensure all design and research-developement is carried out in the UK.

The irony is that this once iconic British brand is now in safer hands with a state-owned Chinese company than it ever was with the proud to be British.


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