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America’s Favorite Pick, The Chevrolet Silverado, Is Heading Towards An All Electric Future

Chevrolet Silverado Pickup EV

It seems the days of rowdy sober Americans gathering around an open fire in the country hills, eating freshly hunted roasted deer will soon be replaced by vegan eating hippies with guitars measuring the health local bird population. That contradictory vision of America doesn’t exist as of yet. What is, or rather what will be is a fully electric Chevrolet Silverado pickup.

Chevrolet isn’t the only one who has seen the hybrid/electric light. So too has Ford and Dodge each company sells equally as popular pickup models. The pickup is America’s most popular vehicle on sale right now. So all the hybrid-hippisation that is sure to follow is speaking to a new America.

This is despite the Trump administration citing that going green is bad for business. But it seems, at least in the automotive industry, it’s good to be bad.

General Motors is in the process of developing and manufacturing an all-new electric platform. The modular platform will not only underpin future Chevrolet Silverado Pickup trucks but it will distill into future production models with varying body styles. It is a one size fits all solution.

In total GM estimates it will be able to derive 10 different models from just one platform. GM reckons it will have a fully electric line up in the near future for sure.

This strategy is being governed in part by tougher emissions laws. The cost of building an electric car is expensive at the moment. However prices will fall. And when that happens making electric cars will become cheaper than making a car with a complex internal combustion engine.

In other words, electric cars and conventional cars will soon reach cost parity. Furthermore when the cost of manufacturing an electric car eventually becomes cheaper than it costs to manufacture a conventional car with an internal combustion the days of piston engines will be at an end.

And when that finally happens the days of the internal combustion engine car will become a footnote in history because profit always takes precedence over sentimentality.

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