Audi E Tron Reviewed By Couple of E-merican Kids

The Audi E Tron, Audi’s first pure electric car. Some will say it’s about time because Tesla has pioneered the way. But in our opinion, pure electric cars are still taking baby steps no matter how advanced the technology. You have to remember that fossil fuel is still many, many more times efficient than battery power.

The problem is fossil fuels pollute like hell, whereas battery powered cars supposedly do not. But they do because an electric draws power from fossil fuel burning power stations.

Nevertheless, we here at DCB reckon it’s best to wait until a new generation of highly efficient batteries is developed.

Lithium-ion batteries are heavy and cumbersome and generally suck for range. Aluminum air batteries are said to offer 1,100 miles on a single charge. But you might have to wait another decade.

When electric cars finally have battery technology that can instantly replace the convenience of a fossil-fuelled car, then we are into the future.

Anyway saving the world… it’s all so confusing. You can’t save the world either way and we’re all doomed. But at least you can get a preview of the Audi E Tron courtesy of Car Confections.



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