The Magicians Secrets Revealed, Mercedes F1 on How To Design An F1 Car

Williams F1 are you watching, are you prepared to listen because in this video Mercedes F1 AMG just revealed top secrets on how to design an F1 car for 2019 regulations. Like the 2000s TV show, The Magicians Secrets Revealed, Mercedes F1 technical boss, James Alison, reveals how aerodynamics create a slew of negative performance issues.

Alison also reveals how invisible turbulent air, similar to the wake left by a fast moving boat in water, can be redirected to ensure the car runs in clean air.

The front wings are used as a means to redirect air over and to the side of the car. This redistribution of high-velocity air causes disturbance to the car behind.

Managing the so called “dirty air” is one of the secrets behind Mercedes’ F1 success rate.

Do Williams F1 actually read this blog? If they do they will be joining our three regular daily visitors. The dog, next door neighbors cat and Amazon… yes the Jeff Bezos amazon.


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