Ferrari Replace The 488 GTB With The F8 Tributo But It Looks Exactly The Same

Ferrari F8 Tributo

One can never criticise Ferrari because they are Ferrari. But even we were left slightly perplexed when the official Ferrari press release attempted to hypnotise us with “up is down and down is up”. The new F8 Tributo replaces the 488GTB. The F8 Tributo, which sounds like an ancient Roman Garrison, is the most powerful mid-engined V8 Ferrari ever. Becaus the engine is sourced from the 488 Pista.

OK, so there are slight external styling differences. And Ferrari has made minor hardware and software improvements. The F8 Tributo is also is lighter by 40kg and benefits from a 10% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency.

Ferrari F8 Tributo interior

Ferrari claims that the F8 Tributo delivers power without the slightest hint of turbo lag.

Several new software features are installed on the F8; they are controlled via the manettino drive-mode switch on the steering wheel.

The car is equipped with Ferrari’s latest Side Slip Angle Control traction- and stability-control program.

Additionally, the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, an electronic program for managing drifts, can now be used in the Race drive mode.[4]

Ferrari F8 Tributo rear

It’s best to think of the F8 Tributo as an upgraded 488 GTB, a final salute, a final tribute to what started out as a 458.

The 458 chassis is nearing its tenth year in production. In modern automotive parlance, a 10 year-old chassis still in production is viewed upon as being old.

Of course it is safe to assume that the F8 Tributo vis-a-vie 488 GTB vis-a-vie 458 Italia will be replaced in the next two-three years.



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