F1 Drivers “Lottery” Salaries Revealed

How much do F1 drivers earn? That is the question. Lewis Hamilton is at the top of the F1 drivers earning peak. Hamilton commands a reputed $57m per year.

Vettel is the second highest earning driver who commands a reputed $45m. And Ferrari can easily afford it.

Daniel Ricciardo’s move from Red Bull to Renault significantly increased his salary.

Red Bull paid Ricciardo $6m in 2018. Renault will be paying the Aussie $18m for 2019. No wonder he smiles so often.

The lowest paid driver on the grid is  Alexzander Albon who will be paid $170,000 by Torro Rosso. Because Torro Rosso can’t afford much more.

We here at DCB are in the wrong business. What are we doing here wasting our time? We should have become street cleaners.


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