Tj Hunt, From Canada EH! Buys A Beaten Up Ferrari 458

YouTuber Tj Hunt bought a wrecked 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia for $100,000. Tj Hunt reckons he needs to spend at least $60,000 to bring the wrecakge back to life.

The entire front end of the Ferrari is sheared off. Obviously, the 458 was involved in a heavy accident.

The rest of the car is in near perfect condition. Tj Hunt reckons an undamaged 458 with 4k miles cost around $215,000 at current prices.

Funnily Hunt gets excited about finding a Ferrari screwdriver set. He reckons he can sell for $100 on eBay.

DUDE! you spent $100k on a beaten up ass Ferrari!

Anyway, this video is yet another example of YouTube becoming a money-spinning revenue stream.

But you need the content. Most of the videos are focused on widebody conversions.

Not bad, a 24 year old from Canada eh! owning a Ferrari. The digital publishing business… it’s so dead.


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