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Next Generation Volvo V40 To Get Crossover Restyling

Volvo V40 next generation,

The Crossover vehicle is a type of car that sits between a hatchback and SUV. It is niether one nor the other. This uncertainty principle will be the guiding philosophy for the next generation Volvo V40. Volvo is simply responding to consumer demand. Hatchbacks are out, SUVs are in.

But there is a method to following the wishes of the masses. Volvo will use the extra body dimensions of a crossover frame to install batteries.

So that means the next generation Volvo V40 will be offered with a fully electric model derivative.

Volvo believes insiders are targeting a pure electric range of 186 miles (300 miles).

The next generation Volvo V40 will be built on an entirely new platform. The CMA platform will replace the current V40’s Ford based underpinnings.

However, Volvo is not too sure about the exact body style.

Rumors suggest the next-gen V40 could follow the design styling of the concept 40.2 shown.



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