TGE TV YouTube Man Spends £4K For LamBROghini Aventador SV Major Service

TGE TV supercar vlogger YouTube man bought a 2017 year model Lamborghini Aventador SV. He didn’ realize it was up for a major service, with barely 3,000 miles on the clock.

TGE TV Youtube man works in the city, he is an investment banker, earns a whoosh of money as a result. AND he also runs a fitness business. LDN Muscle.

AND he is ripped. How he manages to get so ripped while being so busy is beyond the capability of normal people.

TGE TV man Tom Exton, reveals he finances his supercars. That means he earns a lot of money on his own right, without factoring in his YouTube channel.

We estimate his YouTube channel doesn’t bring in enough whoosh to entirely pay for the LambBROghini.

Either way TGE TV YouTube man is still loaded… and ripped. His LDN Muscle company rakes in £1.2m per year.



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