Climbing The Japan Hakone Turnpike In Vintage F1 Cars

Hakone Turnpike is located in Tokyo, Japan. Yes, that’s correct, hill climbing isn’t the reserve of jolly (but miserable) British gentleman car clubs who don’t have enough money to rub together to give to charity. Automotive hill climbing is a worldwide endeavor.

Car enthusiasts from nearby Tokyo and across Japan assemble every year for the annual event. YouTube channel, Japanmotorhead, captured the event with some very artistic camera work and equally as good editing.

Makes you want to get up and have a go. Before you realise you have to nail just one more quali lap on Gran Turismo Sport.

The F1 cars featured in this video are the B189 Benetton F1 and Lotus 78 F1.

And now we’re off… to nail one more quali lap on Gran Turismo Sport.



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