Rory Reid Fired From Top Gear To Make Way For Anglo Saxon Lad Culture

Rory Reid fired from Top Gear,

We’re more worried about the future of Top Gear than ever before. And we’ve been worried ever since Rory Reid and Chris Harris were recruited. Matt Le Blanc, we were OK with. Admittedly he relied too heavily on scripts, could have done with a bit more ad-libbing. The chemistry that made the Clarkson, Hammond and May era so watchable has been missing with Reid, Harris and Le Blanc.

One imagines Reid was an expendable asset to the BBC. Hire him for a season or two then fire him. He really didn’t have a chance… although he was given a chance. A chance of a lifetime.

Reid is a good enough presenter, perhaps for dull light-entertainment TV, however, he was noticeably under-used on Top Gear.

As of 2019 Rory Reid and Le Blanc will be replaced by Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff. Rory Reid fans will be pleased to know that he retains the Extra Gear presenting role.

McGuinness is a former personal trainer, turned actor, turned TV Show. Big personality, can rattle off jokes at will and he is from the North of England.

Freddie Flintoff is a former sportsman, England Cricketer, one of the best in his era, now turned TV personality. Big personality, can crack jokes at will and is from the North of England.

If you live in the USA, let me tell you that the North of England isn’t like the North of America, it’s looked upon in a similar way as Americans look upon the Southern States.

But in no way is Northern England in any way similar to the US Southern States. Nor as backward as some elites in London would have you believe.

If you want to find the equivalent to the US Southern States in the UK then you should visit Millwall FC or Chelsea FC.

Both McGuinness and Flintoff are highly recognizable personalities in the UK, TV stars in a digital age.

Le Blanc announced his departure from Top Gear last year. Rory Reid waited until he was effectively fired, Chris Haris remains. The changes will not come into effect until mid-2019.

That means the paint will be drying very slowly as we will inevitably watch Reid and Harris break into forced laughter for no apparent reason.

We just hope Ried doesn’t go back to making those awful rap-poems about cars. It’s just a bloody car Reid!

Does he actually read this cursed blog or does he still rely on his psychopathic Twitter troll-friends to send abusive responses to people who diss him?

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