Two SUVs That Question The Very Existence Of The Hatchback

hatchback vs the SUV, which is better? evil evoque

For decades the best family car choice has been the hatchback. It’s not quite a sedan nor is it a saloon, but it’s also not a short sport either. It’s comfortable with driving through congested cities and towns, but quite contempt to be thrown around the countryside B-roads too. A typical Hatchback can have 5-doors, and possess quite a decent boot size. Therefore they have been the best car for families that need to drop kids off at school in the morning, do the shopping run, but also drive on the motorways and perhaps even cross an entire continent on a road trip.

However, the hatchback might have to give up its crown for the modern SUV. The SUV was once a lumbering vehicle that took on the frame and looks of a full 4×4 off-road vehicle but possessed none of the off-road capabilities. In fact, the only thing that was sporty about them was the increased engine power.

Yet, the modern SUV has blended characteristics of hatchbacks into its design. Now SUVs are smaller than before, but are actually sporty with advanced handling systems are good power.

A family hybrid

hatchback vs the SUV, which is better?

As you can expect, the latest SUVs have incorporated hybrid technology. This not only saves you money in the long run, it also makes up for the weight of the car too. Electric motors provide instantaneous power and offer a good amount of torque that can be used at low speeds. The Lexus Rx 450h has a 3.5-litre V6 engine and comes with an E-Four all-wheel-drive system. It doesn’t guzzle fuel despite weighing around 2,100kg. It’s average combined mpg stands are a phenomenal 48.7. It’s great for a family car as it has great leg room in the back seats. The upholstery is high-quality with leather seats and a soft-touch dashboard. It has all the modern bells and whistles you would expect such as adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, sway warning system etc.

City car style

The thing about SUVs is, they can be turned into a stylish car without much thought needed. They’re already longer than hatchbacks so they look sleeker with cleaner lines. They already look curvier because they need to save space and weight wherever they can. One of the most iconic brands for large vehicles has come out with its own version of a modern SUV. The Range Rover Evoque comes with both petrol and diesel engines. The base models get the 2-litre inline-four engine with around 178 bhp but the same engine with EcoBoost technology puts out around 240 bhp. You can buy a used range rover Evoque in this model for the same price as the base model brand new. This kind of SUV is great for city life as the diesel engines achieve around 55 mpg combined.

When the modern SUV can do pretty much everything a hatchback can, what can the hatchback do to justify manufacturers still pouring money into this type of car? It’s not the first time the hatchback was challenged, but seeing as fuel efficiency, space, technology and style are all present in these two models alone, it’s going to be tough to answer back.



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