5 Tips to Motorcycle Safety In Orange County

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Motorcycle riders should take precaution to ensure that they remain safe on the roads. Research shows that most motorcycle accidents are not caused by a motorcyclist. However, they should be more proactive and defensive in order to prevent such accidents. The recommendations by motor-cycle accident lawyers will help enhance the safety of motorists while on the road. There are many cases relating to motorcycle accidents. From their experience, the lawyers can advise and recommend the necessary precautions one should take for safety.

Here are 5 tips to motorcycle safety in the orange county:

1. Protective gear

Protective clothing is important so that in case of an accident, you do not suffer serious injuries. You should ensure that you wear a protective helmet. These days there are helmets that come fitted with Bluetooth technology. This enables you to communicate while on the ride. You do not get distracted when answering calls. This is one of the main causes of accidents. Having protective gloves for your hands and high quality riding boots are also recommended.

2. Avoid riding while drunk

You should always be sober while taking rides. Riding when drunk can lead to accidents. You are able to focus more when riding a bike while sober. Again, on the road, you might find other drivers or pedestrians who are not sober or simply those who do not want to obey and respect the traffic rules. If you are not sober, your judgment may lead to accidents. To avoid that, it is a good idea to ensure that when you are sober when taking a ride.

3. Defensive ride

Some of the accidents happen because motorcycle riders assume that other road users especially vehicle drivers can see them. You have a right to ride on the highway. In some countries, there are specific lanes for motorcyclists. It is a good idea to wear bright overcoats for other road users to easily spot you. Watch out when taking a turn and signal other road users as well.

4. Proper training

Do not learn how to ride a bike on your own. It is a good idea to get a professional to train you. They usually train new riders on safety and other riding tips. You should get a license and keep getting some tips and riding skills techniques from time to time.

5. Prepare for the ride

In preparation ensure that you check the motorcycle thoroughly. Check for fuel levels, test the lights to ensure that they are working and the tires should also be in good condition. In case you find gas or oil leaks, have the motorcycle checked by a professional first. Ensure that you can see clearly on the mirrors and that the brakes are working. This way, you will not only enjoy a safe ride but also avoid unnecessary delays.

Sometimes, even after taking all the precautions, accidents happen. As a motorcyclist, you are entitled to compensation. A professional lawyer can help you know the amount of compensation that you may claim. You should include the cost of property damage, hospital bills incurred and lost income as part of compensation. You may seek a free consultation from a professional lawyer first. But as much as possible, ensure that you stay safe.



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