Ken Block Has Built An Explosive F-150 Hoonitruck For Gymkhana 10

Ken Block, Gymkhana 10, F-150 Hoonitruck,

We’re so used to reading about modified cars having a ridiculous amount of horsepower, it’s become the norm. That ordinary looking 20-year-old VW Golf with 900bhp. No aero to cope with the extra speed and forces that 900bhp exerts, but it makes for good headlines.

But we are actually interested in the F150 Hoonitruck, built by none other than Ken Block. The Pickup truck, in this case, is a 1977 Ford F150 and it has been given the full Ken Block overhaul.

Crazy-ass styling, extremely lowered suspension, an engine sourced from Ford’s GT Le Mans development program and power… plenty of tuned-up power. To confirm that’s  914bhp and 951Nm torque.

Ken Block, Gymkhana 10, F-150 Hoonitruck, front,

After 2 years of design and development, the F150 Hoointruck is ready to make its debut at SEMA, Las Vegas.

The F150 Hoonitruck will most probably powerslide into the show which is dedicated to aftermarket wizardry.

Ken Block, Gymkhana 10, F-150 Hoonitruck, rear,

Performance stats don’t really matter. We know it is going to be fast. But Ken Block’s style of driving isn’t about driving fast. it’s about driving sideways fast.

Drifting isn’t the quickest way to drive fast but it is the most spectacular way to hoon.

The F-150 Hoonitruck will make its live-action TV debut on Amazon Prime on December 7th for the 10th installment of the Gymkhana series.



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