Engineering Explained YouTube Man On Why you Shouldn’t Buy An Automatic Transmission Car

Engineering Explained YouTube man doesn’t like automatic transmissions In this video, he outlines 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an automatic car. we disagree. Driver engagement is one reason Engineering Explained man outlines. We disagree.

Having control of the car is another reason Engineering Explained man gives. Manual transmissions also offer better efficiencies, although the statistical differences are marginal.

But the overriding reason Engineering Explained YouTube man gives is, manual transmissions are simply more fun.

We disagree.

We say an automatic transmission is far more convenient. Changing gears manually is the equivalent to building a house using sticky-back-plastic.

Maybe, just maybe, a manual gearbox makes more sense in a V8 or V12 powered car. We get that. but if you drive, say… a crappy Nissan Renault Micra just go for an automatic.

There is no engagement with a Nissan Renault Micra. Day-to-day, an automatic is now the preferred choice… we do not have any statistical data to back up the latter claim.

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