He’s Alive! Elon Musk Is Alive! MKBHD Tracks Down The Scarlet Pimpernel of CEO’s

If you read the news and are dumb enough to believe what is reported then Elon Musk is a pot-smoking, apparently deranged and depressed CEO of Tesla.  Maybe he is all of those, however, we are let to believe the seemingly erratic and self-styled futurist with the big ideas, the zing-zing-zing and the ho-ho-ho is a 120-hour workaholic who should step down from his role to focus on restoring his sanity.

So what is the truth? is the truth not the truth? or is the media making a mockery of free speech, as it so often does, to satisfy the easy returns made with Elon Musk click-baiting articles?

Who knows, but MKBHD probably knows better than most, he tracked down the deranged, pot-smoking, 120hr workaholic for a factory tour of Tesla accompanied by Musk himself.

He seems fine to us.

Interesting but entirely pointless fact, Elon Musk is 188cm tall.



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