Your Guide To Purchasing A Used Car And How To Get A Good Deal


Considering the ever-so-booming situation of the auto industry, investing in a used car can help you be the owner of your dream vehicle without having to spend thousands of dollars.

If you are in search of a used car and feel like you are amongst 52% of shoppers who feel anxious at dealerships, here is everything you need to make the right purchase:

Ask Important Questions before Purchasing

For most of us, purchasing a car is perhaps one of the most important decisions of our life. To ensure you make the right decision, here are a few questions that you should ask the salesperson at the dealership:

  • Has the car ever been involved in a crash?
  • Is the paintwork original?
  • What is the car’s full-service history?
  • How many owners has the car had?

Additionally, ask for a copy of the auto history report to get a general idea about its performance.

Inspect the Exterior of the Car

Used cars always come with the tied risk of not knowing about the ‘hidden flaws’ of the car. While choosing to skip a full inspection of the car is the worst decision you can make, we suggest that you thoroughly inspect the exterior of your prospective car prior to purchasing.

When looking to inspect a used car, you should schedule the meeting on a dry, sunny morning. With the sun shining on the vehicle, take a few steps back and see how the light reflects off the body. Determine whether it reveals any chips, cracks, or lack of uniformity with the paintwork. Alternatively, you can also inspect the exterior using a flashlight and see if the light reveals any signs that might indicate if the car has ever been in a crash and repaired cheaply.

Furthermore, we recommend that you check to see whether the windshield of the vehicle is clear of any cracks or other types of marks/damage and follow auto glass standards like what can be found on or other respected online resources.

Here’s a video that explains more about how you should inspect the exterior of a car.

Look Under The Hood

The condition of the car underneath the hood offers valuable insights into how well maintained the car actually is. While most used car buyers often forget to have a peek at the radiator, battery, hoses, and belts, we highly recommend that you make inspect these components when the engine is cool.

Look for any signs that suggest lack of maintenance, such as oil splattered throughout the engine compartment or the battery covered in corrosion.

Follow the steps explained in this video to carefully review all the components that reside under the hood.

More Tips to Consider

  • Check to see if there is a need for repainting
  • Inspect the pedal rubbers for any signs of wear and tear
  • Look for signs of wear on the tires, indicating that they are misaligned
  • During the test drive, try out the car in every gear, and also check whether all lights and indicators are performing the way they should
  • Look for any type of damage on back glass, side panel glass and windshield
  • Inspect the odometer to look for any signs of interference and alteration

Keep all these tips in mind when you are buying a used vehicle so that it offers you the maximum value for your investment.



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