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Concept Artist Renders A 21st Century Sketch of The Lamborghini Miura


The Lamborghini Miura, arguably the first supercar with a rear, mid-mounted engine configuration, only 764 units were ever built between 1966 and 1973, after all these years it can still turn heads. Astonished the 4.0-litre V12 was mounted transversely, radical for the time.

However, by today’s standards, 345bhp seems rather tame for a V12 but the Miura was lightweight by today’s standards so it had a very good power to weight ratio for sure.

Back in the day, the Miura cost $20,000, adjusted for inflation, that equates to around $155,045.54 in 2018.


However, concept artist Marco van Overbeeke decided that the Miura should live again and rendered his vision of a 21st-century successor.

Lamborghini did present a Miura concept in 2006, however, then CEO Stephan The-Suit Winkelmann said the concept was a celebration not a retro return to production.

In 2016 Lamborghini revealed a Miura Homage, a special edition Aventador, but the Miura deserves more than a shiny new paint job and decals.

If you want to buy a Miura today then expect to depart with at least $500,000 for a prime example.


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