Mercedes Should Ditch The Dreadful X-Class As Leaked Images of The G Class Emerge


What were Mercedes thinking when senior executives decided to listen to their marketing and sales research divisions and actually launch the Nissan X Class, such a decision will surely go down in the annals of infamy. The G Glass is a proper Mercedes SUV, it always has been and the latest, newest generation has been leaked on the interweb ahead of its official reveal at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.


If you’re thinking of getting the X-Class, don’t, aspire to the proper thing and if you can’t afford the G Class don’t buy the X Class. Thankfully, for the new G Class,  Mercedes have lightly reworked the exterior styling preferring classic evolution with the design language.


To our eyes it looks a bit ‘Jeep’ no pun intended but at least Mercedes haven’t done a wholesale ruination like Land Rover did with the Discovery and most probably to the Defender replacement.


So what do we know about the all-new 2018 G Class? not too much to be honest. For sure it will feature the same engine lineup as previous. For sure there will be an AMG version and for sure it will be a luxury SUV befitting the Mercedes name plaque.

Befitting its status as a rugged looking alternative to the Range Rover, the Mercedes G Class gets an interior featuring the latest must-have Gadgets and technology as you can find in the S Class and for sure it will have a 4×4 system.

But one thing the G Class won’t have is a proper 4×4 system to rival Land Rover because Land Rover has the best 4×4 system of them all. We can definitively say that the G Class will be expensive.

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