Very British Rolls Royce Is Reviewed By Very British Autocar

If ever there was a perfect match then very British Rolls Royce and Autocar are just so. Thankfully Autocar spent a bit of money on hiring a good amateur cameraman who just happened to have finished filming Bob and Marie’s wedding in Hull before being whisked away to film.

The all-new very British Rolls Royce Phantom sits on a new lightweight, stiffer chassis. Power is sourced from a 6.75-litre twin turbo V12 which outputs 563bhp and many torques.

Indeed very British Rolls Royce PR people scoff at the thought that the very British Rolls Royce Phantom is all about speed.

Very British Rolls Royce traditions are about the ultimate ride and high definition luxury all of which makes a Mercedes S Class look like a pale imitator of luxury.

One never asks about the price of a very British Rolls Royce… it’s close to £350k. So what was Autocar’s conclusion? It’s the best luxury car in the world, thanks for sharing that thought, Matt.



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