Mo Reveals His Latest Toy, A Ford Marstang V10

We don’t know if being a YouTuber is a worthy of being considered a full time job indeed being a YouTuber is similar to being a drug dealer. A drug dealer appears to do nothing yet lives a lavish lifestyle nice house, expensive car.

That’s how YouTubers live nice house, expensive car and all they do is hold a camera to their face upload, sleep, repeat.

Consider this, a YouTuber with around 500k subs can easily earn up to $12k per month. That sounds like a very good job, so what the hell are we here at DCB doing?

Anyway popular YouTuber MoVlogs unveils his latest ill gotten gain from his YouTube channel venture, a new gaudily wrapped Ford Marstang.

At least he went for the V10, he’s got some sense of taste.


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