How to Make Driving a Range Rover Affordable


For many people, a Land Rover Range Rover is a dream car that seems unattainable. Driven by celebrities and wealthy people, it’s a statement car that is also great to drive. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make a Range Rover affordable to drive.

The Different Models

Before we can move on to how to make driving a Range Rover more affordable, we must first understand the different models.

Range Rover Vogue


The Range Rover Vogue model is incredibly stylish, with split-spoke wheels and Oxford leather seats.

Range Rover Autobiography


This model has 21 inch ten spoke wheels, embossed leather seats, LED headlamps and a sliding panoramic roof.

Range Rover Sport


The Range Rover Sport is all about strong performance and great handling. It also has better emissions statistics than some of the other Range Rover models.

Range Rover Velar


The Range Rover Velar has an integrated rear spoiler and a foil stamped grille, which makes it stand out in comparison to other models. It has an All Wheel Drive functionality to make driving easy in any conditions.

Range Rover Evoque


The Range Rover Evoque is a compact model of the SUV with a three-door option. It’s the best option if the Range Rover driving experience is all about image to you.

How to make Driving a Range Rover Affordable

With prices starting from £50,000, a Range Rover is not a car that many people can afford to buy up-front with cash. So, you will have to consider other financing options. You could get finance directly from the dealership, with Land Rover offering a range of choices including Land Rover Freedom, an advance payment plan and hire purchase.

If you are not keen on the commitment of finance, you can lease a Land Rover Range Rover. You will pay an upfront deposit followed by a series of monthly payments. At the end of the contract, you will simply hand the car back. The price you pay is based on the mileage you expect to cover – if you go over this, you’ll have to pay a fee. With leasing, you can even make sure that the cost of maintenance for tyres, servicing and other minor repairs is included.

Advantages of Driving a Range Rover

  • They have a strong towing capability.
  • The various models all cope well in bad weather.
  • The interior is beautiful and technologically advanced.
  • It can be parked very easily, thanks to mixture of sensors and technology.

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