Carwow Finds Something To Hate About The Ferrari 488 GTB

After being given the privilege of testing a Ferrari Matt Watson finds something to hate about the 488 GTB. To be fair he also finds a few things he likes but for the purposes of click-bait, we openly admit to using misleading banner headlines and tricking you the innocent reader of DCB. That said next door neighbors cat (one of our two readers) is busy defecating in another neighbors garden and we’re not sure if our blind and deaf dog counts as the other reader.

Nevertheless they won’t be missing much, that is to say, none of us can afford the near £200k asking price of a 488 GTB… and neither can Matt so what’s the point of reviewing such a car. For the glory and being able to say I drove a car that I can never afford to buy.

That’s motoring journalism for you folks we (motoring journalists) are just tools being used by the automotive industry. Motoring journalists are nothing more than a marketing division.



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