Dodge Creates The Lucifer of Muscle Cars With The Challenger SRT Demon


With more Yankee Doodle spirit than an undercover FSB agent selling Stars & Stripes flag at a confederate recreation event Chrysler have deployed its very own nuclear option on the Dodge Challenger. Through the use of a supercharged 6.3-litre V8 the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon no longer offers muscle car power, it simply offers lots and lots of power, 840bhp and over 1,000 NM of torque to be precise.

The Demon also gains the title for having one of the fastest quarter mile times – 9.5 seconds – of any production car.


The Demon has all sorts of meaningless statistics such a World’s fastest 0-60 time for a production car: 2.3 seconds according to the Guinness Books of Records.

In fact the Demon is so powerful it is deemed to be too fast for the drag strip and is officially banned by NHRA (National Hot Rod Association).


The Demon also the chest beating honour of having the highest horsepower V-8 production car engine ever produced. What really matters is how all that power is relayed back to the diver.

The USA and Canadian territories will have the pick of first deliveries which will commence in the autumn, only 3300 units will be made available.


Pricing hasn’t yet been revealed but the Challenger SRT Demon is expected to cost close to $90,000 USD.

Dodge will also throw in a free driving tutorial which presumably will include a ‘brace position’ which most owners will have to learn and also a ‘how to extract yourself safely’ after crashing.



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